Our Story

From the beginning, the mission has been to put the best learning tools in the hands of kids who need it, TWO children at a time. Every time someone buys an exciting new learning supply from our site for THEIR child, money gets donated for the education of a child in a developing country who needs it!

Founder and CEO, Angel Nilsson, was a jr high school math teacher when she took a trip to Peru in 2016 that changed her. She went to help build playgrounds, paint, and donate supplies for children in public schools and schools for children with disabilities. The faces and smiles of those children will forever be with her and the needful condition of those schools motivated her to dedicate her life's working to improving their education.

With her knowledge of the common problems that kids in the US face in their education, she decided to create a solution for them and for the kids in Peru simultaneously. She set out to design supplies that would have innovative features to make being prepared and organized in school simplified for adolescents.

And when anyone makes a purchase they will not only improve the educational experience of their student, but also of a child in a foreign country who needs the extra resources. And so 2 children at a time, through the power of education, we can positively impact the present lives of many and the future of the whole world.

Shop today and transform the future of your student and another!