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All of our jr high and high school products are designed with teens in mind! Loads of extra features, help them be MORE prepared and MORE responsible with LESS effort!

Loveworthy Notes supports teens in being the best version of themselves! We integrate innovative features that meet students where they are so they can easily achieve success!

My Introduction

Hello! I'm Mrs. Nilsson. Former jr high math teacher and now entrepreneur and education activist. When I was teaching, I saw so many students struggle with simple executive functioning tasks that for many, got in the way of their success in major ways. Despite their bright, capable minds, minor failures added up to bigger and bigger failures, and their grades and confidence suffered.

I wanted to help, and I felt like I had a unique and insightful perspective to many of the problems plaguing teens. I knew that we expect so much of them, and only give them antiquated tools.

So I got to work designing, testing, and then redesigning school supplies with as many features as I could to make being prepared, taking good notes, and planning ahead, as easy as possible for students.

I felt inspired to include mental health tools within my products, flooding them with inspiring messages, mental health education, and tools to improve coping skills. I feel so much hope for the future when I see students embracing mental health practices and utilizing these tools so that they can find ease in their academics and peace within themselves.

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