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All You Need Is Love And A Luxury School Supply Bundle

All You Need Is Love And A Luxury School Supply Bundle

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This school supply bundle has everything you need for back to school supplies for your teen, all in one purchase! The quality, style and luxury feel of the binder will have them beaming with confidence and self worth! And the extensive, easy to use features throughout each product in the bundle will set them up for success without extra effort. This set includes our durable and quality Presidential Leather Binder, Mind Over Matter Academic Planner, Love-Notes Only Mechanical Pencils, Cornell Method Guided Note Paper, and Inspire Divider Set. This one binder, with Cornell note paper, metal mechanical pencils, and inspirational dividers can be used for multiple classes or for one class. With the magnetic pencil holder on the inside cover of the binder, your student will more easily be prepared for each class and with our Cornell method guided notebook paper, they will write better notes that lead to better memory retention and more effective study. The guided notebook paper will also help keep your student organized with prompted spaces to write assignments and due dates. The dividers come pre-organized and are sure to inspire confidence and creativity. The Mind Over Matter Academic Planner is a must have item to keep your child one track with healthy habits and mental health self care. 

The Mind Over Matter Academic Planner is our most high impact, value driven product! It is full of research based best practices for teenage mental health. With the built in tools, they will be guided to initiate and maintain healthy habits including mental health practices, meditations, affirmations, grounding techniques, goal setting with SMART goals, and habit tracking. An all in one book to use as a resource for meditations, grounding exercises, affirmations, and hot lines for when they need them, as well as a facilitator for gratitude practice, self reflection, long term and short term goal setting, daily planning, customizable daily habit tracker, writing lists, journaling, and keeping important contact information. This one planner is an easy and consolidated system for teaching your child everything they need to do to live a healthy and happy life.

Now taking pre-orders for the 2023-2024 school year!



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